Welcome to Swing Asheville! Below you’ll see a quick overview of the happenings at our official Tuesday night weekly dance at THE BLOCK off Biltmore at 39 S Market St, downtown Asheville If you want to become a Swing Asheville member to save on classes and dances, you can do so by talking to us at the door or by clicking  HEREplease be patient, page takes a while to load! We are a volunteer run organization; if you would like to help out (and get in free to dances/ class discounts) please email us at ashevilleswing@gmail.com

Tuesday Night Music Schedule

The dance runs from 9-11 pm, followed by late night vintage blues dancing. There is a $5 cover to attend.

Oct 2, 2018Community Jazz Jam-
Oct 9, 2018Sparrow & Her Wingmen
Oct 16, 2018Drayton & the Dreamboats
Oct 23, 2018Gravyhhouse Storytellers
Oct 30, 2018Halloween Spooktacular Ball w/ The House Hoppers (& costume contest!)

Tuesday Night Class Schedule

All monthly class series begin the first Tuesday night of the month, but you can drop in at any time. Classes are $10 ($8 for Swing Asheville members).

Tuesdays in October at 7 pmContinuing Class: Intermediate Partner Charleston For people who can do basic lindyt footwork on demand and feel comfortable doing this footwork within the context of basic social dancing. We will work on practical dance technique, common but interesting social moves / repertoire, styling, and anything else that moves your dancing forward! Remember, the more regularly you show up, the more the whole group can make progress! Come swing out with us, y'all! "Continuing" classes are for those dancers who have cemented the basics of the dance being featured that specific month. This includes knowing (and being able to execute cleanly and consistently) basic footwork and lead/follow skills for that dance. Some continuing classes may require no advance knowledge of a dance. This will be noted in the the class description.

Classes are held every Tuesday from 7-8 pm at The BLOCK off biltmore. Each class costs $10, or $8 if you are a Swing Asheville member.

Sparrow & Jean
Tuesday in October at 8 pmCore Class: Intro to Lindy Hop

PRE-REQUISITES: none! Learn the foundations of the 8 count Lindy Hop, the high energy dance from Harlem that swept the nation and then the globe. Starting from the very beginning, breaking down the steps and rhythms in easy to understand ways, Keith and Sparrow will get ya on the dance floor and having fun in no time. No partner required and drop in friendly, though of course you'll learn the most if you start at the beginning of the month and stay till the end! "Core" lessons stress the fundamentals of swing dancing for beginning dancers. Lessons rotate monthly to focus on a different kind of swing dance (6 Count Lindy, 8 Count Lindy, Charleston, Balboa, etc.). Because good fundamentals are hard to develop in one month, we recommend repeating Core lessons (on the same topic) to help develop the solid foundation you'll need in continuing classes. Core lessons are also great for intermediate and advanced dancers who want to "get back to basics" or learn a different dancing role (lead vs. follow). Classes are held every Tuesday from 8-9pm at The BLOCK off biltmore. Each class costs $10, or $8 if you are a Swing Asheville member.

Sparrow & Keith