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Welcome Dancers and Musicians!

Welcome to Swing Asheville! We are a volunteer-run organization with a history spanning two decades. In "normal" times we host regular weekly dances, teach lessons, and occasionally organize community musicians to play music for dances and learn to play swing music.

Stay Up To Date

The best way to stay informed of events or get in touch with us is to connect via the Swing Asheville Facebook Page

Swing Asheville also hosts a sister facebook group that is for the whole local swing dance community, dances, dancers, teachers and organizations. That group is Asheville Swing Dance and Music Community

Both of these pages are public, and do not require a Facebook account to see event scheduling and read discussions.

Scheduled Events

We are just building back after Covid up and are currently hosting dances about twice a month.

For all scheduled events please visit the Swing Asheville Facebook Page


Volunteers are often need to help run Swing Asheville from moving tables and sweeping floors to marketing or working the door at a dance. If you would like to help out volunteering with Swing Asheville, come and introduce yourself at one of our events. Make sure to share any business or organizational skills that you think might be helpful (graphic design, marketing, etc).

If you're interested in membership or volunteering, please get in touch


Swing Asheville membership has traditionally been available which offers reduced rates on classes and dances. Availability of membership is currently uncertain. This will likely start back up as things return to normal.

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